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  • Devonshire Square’s Virtual Easter Tree Appeal

    Even though the Devonshire Square’s iconic Easter Tree, dedicated to the Honeypot Children’s Charity, cannot be installed in our courtyard this year, due to the current lockdown restrictions on non-essential travel, the Devonshire Square’s community is strongly committed to continuing supporting the charity at this crucial time. By launching the Devonshire Square’s Virtual Easter Tree Fundraising Campaign, we would like to invite you all to purchase one less Easter egg this year and make a donation in aid of the Honeypot Children’s Charity instead, to help young carers during this time of crisis. Donations can be made online through the Honeypot Children’s Charity’s official website: .

    29/03/2021: 10:00 AM

  • Devonshire Square's Giving Tree

    Even though Devonshire Square’s highly expected “Art for Love Festival” and “Soul Royalty Winter Festival” will not take place this December due to Covid-19, Devonshire Square’s iconic Giving Tree will still be taking central stage in the historical Western Courtyard, to celebrate the spirit of giving and bring communities together. Devonshire Square’s Giving Tree is a unique Christmas tree entirely adorned with paper hearts on which wishes expressed by homeless people supported by The Connection Charity have been transcribed, in order to give them a chance to be read and honoured by visitors. Created by the Devonshire Square Events Team in December 2015, the Giving Tree has helped hundreds of homeless people to receive a thoughtfully made gift for Christmas. The illumination of the Giving Tree has traditionally marked the beginning of Devonshire Square’s Winter festivals, organised annually to support social causes through the power of the arts. This year, even if current circumstances have not allowed our festivals to take place, we are committed to continue supporting The Connection charity to help vulnerable people, whose challenging living conditions have even worsened due to the Covid-19 health emergency. This year, to express gratitude towards the NHS for the unvaluable help that they have been providing to the nation during the pandemic, the Giving Tree will be exceptionally decorated with blue paper hearts, instead of the red ones featured on the previous editions. The Giving Tree will be on display in the Western Courtyard from 6th December till 8th January 2021.

    6/12/2020: 4:00 PM

  • Cinnamon Kitchen's House of Holi is back in Devonshire Square for the 6th year!!

    From Wednesday 4th to Sunday 15th March,  Cinnamon Kitchen’s House of Holi will be back in Devonshire Square’s Western Courtyard for the 6th year, better and brighter than ever! Join Cinnamon Kitchen in celebrating the Festival of Colours and enjoy thirty minutes of paint-pelting friends, family and colleagues! To know more about the event and to book your ticket, please visit the following webpage:

    4/03/2020: 3:00 PM

  • Valentine's Day 2020 in Devonshire Square - A love letter from the heart of London

    Devonshire Square will be marking the most romantic day of the year by decorating its iconic Avenue with an artistic installation of 250 heart-shaped balloons in ruby red, hot magenta and golden pink nuances, colours that symbolise passion, love, romance and friendship. Love and romance will also be celebrated with a unique floral sculpture, “The Kiss of the Winter Swans”, that Devonshire Square will be hosting in its historical Western Courtyard from Tuesday 11th February to Valentine’s day. The sculpture has been conceived as a beautiful and imaginative representation of everlasting affection and loyalty, as swans are believed to mate for life. The original flower artwork - envisioned and designed by the Devonshire Square’s Events Team – will be created by flower-couturier Katie Sparrow by combining a variety of fresh flowers symbolising eternal love, sensuality, tenderness and true devotion, such as roses, cymbidium orchids and delicate gypsophila. The love-themed artistic installations are meant to raise awareness on the #nobrokenhearts fundraising campaign that Devonshire Square will be running on Valentine’s week (10th – 14th February)  in aid of the British Heart Foundation; donations can also be made online by clicking on the following link: . Visitors will be able to walk under the canopy of hearts, admire the romantic floral sculpture and treat their beloved ones to a scented bouquet of roses at the “Blooming Spot”, the pop-up flower stall that will be available in Devonshire Square’s Western Courtyard both on 13th and 14th February, from 9am to 7pm. Lovers and romantics can continue their evening in one of Devonshire Square’s renowned restaurants, all serving an assorted selection of Valentine’s themed dishes, cocktails and menus.

    13/02/2020: 12:00 PM

  • "The Kiss of the Winter Swans" - A unique floral sculpture

    From 12 to 15th February, Devonshire Square will be hosting in its Western Courtyard “The Kiss of the Winter Swans”, an original floral-art sculpture envisioned and designed by the Devonshire Square’s Events Team and created by flower couturier Katie Sparrow, to raise awareness and funds in aid of the #nobrokenhearts fundraising campaign in support of the British Heart Foundation. The sculpture has been conceived as an imaginative representation of everlasting affection and loyalty, as swans are believed to mate for life. The fresh flowers used to create the artwork include white avalanche roses, cymbidium orchids, Singapore orchids, white gypsophila and mignon red roses. The wings are filled with asparagus fern while the foliage on which the birds are sitting combines berry divvy, wild blossoms and lily grass. The fundraising campaign runs throughout the Valentine’s week and donations for the charity can be made online by visiting the JustGiving page: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in most of the countries across the globe. Help us to raise awareness about it by adding the #nobrokenhearts tag to any love-themed photos you will share during Valentine’s week and give your contribution for a world with #nobrokenhearts.

    12/02/2020: 4:00 PM

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