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"From the Rainforest to the Cotswolds - A floral fantasy" - Flower Sculptures Display

21/08/2017 - 25/08/2017 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Following the success of the “Tales of Silk and Music” Indian Dance Festival, Devonshire Square is continuing its celebration of the UK-India Year of Culture by hosting in its historic Western Courtyard three original and unique floral sculptures by British flower artist Katie Sparrow.

The exhibition, entitled “From the Rainforest to the Cotswolds”, has been conceived and curated by the Devonshire Square Artistic Events Team with the aim of highlighting the diverse history of Devonshire Square’s estate, once a warehouse in which the most precious goods traded by the East India Company used to be stored.

The finely detailed sculptures represent a peacock, a lion and an elephant, symbols respectively of India, UK and the Asian continent as a whole. As the sculptures’ shapes clearly suggest, the artistic creations have been inspired by the flora, fauna and rich history of the two countries.  

The imaginative artworks are made with a combination of fresh flowers sourced from both the UK and Asia. 

The profuse, delicate blooms of the Phalaenopsis dendrobium orchids that decorate the peacock’s head and body are grown in UK while its elegant tail is made with three hundred stems of petit, candid, sensually perfumed Singaporean orchids.

The Asian elephant is covered with two thousands pink Baltica chrysanthemums sourced in England with details created by using UK-grown cream Maroussia gerberas, powder pink Hydrangea and a variety of beautiful English roses, ranging from the soft, pastel shades of the pink heaven rose to the more intense nuances of pink Aqua blooms, the velvety cherry-reds of the Ivy roses and the refined dark fuchsia tones of the sweetly fragranced Piano rosebuds.

The artist used tree fern to shape the lion’s mane and decorated its face and back with two hundred passionate red Naomi and ruby-red Mirabel roses.  The lion’s body is covered in Chrysanthemum spray, "feeling green" variety.  All artworks elegantly pose on bases of fern moss with details made of eucalyptus leaves and wild asparagus fern sourced in the picturesque, fairy tale scenario of the English Cotswolds.

The title of the exhibition “From the rainforest to the Cotswolds” is meant to evoke an imaginary journey through the beauty of the very diverse landscapes of India and UK, highlighting at the same time the cultural link between the two countries.

The free attendance exhibition runs from 21st to 24th August and is open to the public from 8am to 7pm. Photography is allowed and registration is not required.

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