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"The Deep End of Sound" by Composer Alberto Ferro

14/12/2017: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

On Thursday 14th December, at 5.30pm, the historical surroundings of Devonshire Square’s Western Courtyard will be resounding with the beautiful and uplifting music of talented Jazz pianist and composer Alberto Ferro. The artist will engage the audience with the soulful, original music from his newly released album “In Fondo al Suono” [The Deep End of Sound, Master Chord Records, 2017], which Ferro describes as “the result of an intense creative work between composing and improvising”.

Ferro says: “My artistic and aesthetic ideal is to merge writing and invention in a constant flow of ideas through Classical, Contemporary, Jazz and free music.”

The performance will also include some Jazz and open improvisation, as well as a selection of virtuoso classical pieces by Chopin, Debussy and Gershwin.

The open air concert is part of the Devonshire Square’s “Art for Love” Christmas Festival, a 4-week programme of FREE attendance world-class artistic performances, organised and curated by the Devonshire Square Events Team to support The Connection, London's busiest homeless charity, in aid of which the Devonshire Square’s community will be fundraising from 1st to 21st December.

Alberto Ferro graduated in piano at the prestigious Conservatorio of Milan and holds a Master of Arts in Music, granted by the Washington State University Music School. The award-winning artist specialises in improvisation and has performed worldwide as a Solo Piano, in Chamber Music Ensembles and Jazz bands in US, UK and Europe. He is currently teaching at London Contemporary School of Piano and the Windsor Piano School, and regularly performs improvisation for Contemporary Ballet Companies and classes.

To know more about “The Deep End of Sound” open air concert or if you wish to have more information on the “Art for Love” Christmas Festival, please contact the Devonshire Square Artistic Events Team on 02076450800.