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FREE 15 Minute Consultation at Devonshire Square Physiotherapy Clinic

16/05/2019 - 30/11/2019

Gain a better understanding of the causes of your aches and pains by booking a FREE 15-minute consultation at the Devonshire Square Physiotherapy Clinic.

Senior Certified Physiotherapist, Amir Pojhan, will be able to offer you a throughout assessment of your entire biomechanical movement patterns and help you to correct the weak links that manifest as long-term discomfort or short-term acute injuries.

The wide range of treatments provided by Amir and his Team of highly qualified physiotherapists includes manual therapy, electrotherapy and medical acupuncture, isokinetic, neural mobilisation, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilisation, light therapy and ultrasounds, sport and deep tissue massage.

They provide treatments to cure all the following conditions and many more:

-          lower back pain

-          gym related injuries

-          Arthritis

-          frozen shoulder

-          runners’ knee

-          sprained/twisted ankle

-          tennis elbow

-          shin splints

-          Achilles tendonitis

-          upper back pain

-          groin pain and strain

-          hamstring strain

-          knee joint injury

-          shoulder injury

-          repetitive strain injuries

-          overuse injuries

-          sports injuries treatment and prevention

-          pre-post-operative rehabilitation

-          buttock pain.

The Devonshire Square Physiotherapy Clinic - located in 9 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4WY -  is accredited with all major private medical insurances.

The treatment rooms are accessible via the Fitness First’s main entrance.

To book your appointment, please contact their customer service team on 020 7998 1363 or email them on .