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Pod's New Summer Menu


New breakfast offers include a foodie favourite of Avocado and feta on toast, a Caribbean inspired Summer Glow Mango Porridge and a bit of summer fun; a (non-alcoholic) Pina Colada Blitz, handmade with fresh pineapple, spinach, coconut and orange, and as always, zero added sugar.


Famous for their exotic hot pods, the new lunch range hero’s an Indian Pasanda, with or without chicken and a fragrant Sunshine Beef stew. The chef specials have had a serious flavour shake up, with a Brazilian Xin Xim chicken stew, Piccalilli pulled pork, Cape Malay chicken and a Sri Lankan chicken each coming and going for two weeks at a time, driving a buzz among customers. 


Lunchtime adventures continue in the chilled range with a new Balinese chicken salad and wrap. Crying out with Indonesian charm, they’re made with chicken, Balinese dressing, coconut, coriander, peas, beetroot, seeds and cabbage.


The new Banh mi pulled pork baguette fuses Vietnamese/French flavours while the new Italian themed Mediterranean tomato, nut-free pesto and mozzarella salad heroes healthy fats with a grassy olive oil dressing.


Finally, pod’s power ingredients are scattered through their healthy snacks with a Matcha yoghurt made with quinoa and pistachio and a refreshing Strawberry yoghurt topped with micro basil.


The full menu can be found on their site from Monday: